Saturday, July 23, 2011

(^_^)V Ingatlah...

‘Enter’ the masjid,
‘Forward’ your solat,
‘Download’ pahala,
‘Firewall’ your iman,
‘Backspace’ from syaitan,
‘Bookmark’ to ALLAH SWT,
`Delete’ ALLAH’s enemies,
‘Copy paste’ from the Al-Qur’an and Sunnah,
‘Help’ your muslim brothers n sisters,
‘File’ your amal,
‘Edit’ your akhlaq
‘View’ your good and bad deeds,
‘Search’ the straight and right path,
And InsyaALLAH you will never get ‘virus’


Fatin Aliyya said...

tq 4 sharing this beneficial info.insya allah, make it as a reminder for us to improve ourselves, our deen.amin.

tq dear.:D

Colourful life said...

welcome.... bagus la klu awk suka.. :)

Bie said...

Tq amat bemanfaat :)

Colourful life said...

Bie ~> welcome ^_^