Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just a Quotes from my heart

I'm just living in a girl's dream..
wishing that someone will be mine...
and it will always stay the same...
i wish has someone in my life..
someone to hold, someone to love and care..
with one mind.. one soul and one heart..

You always confused me..
i don't want you in my life
i need you in my life
you're not my friend
you're my best friend
i don't like you
i hope you the one i love
I'm glad i found you because i absolutely lost without you!

i can tell you i miss you and i care you..
because you and me just a friends.
sometimes i just wish u were mine..
though i don't know whats on your mind..

no matter how i try to stop this..
i can' i just let it go..
never thinking about this feeling again..
it make me feel sick..
i know we will never be together..
p/s :- CL ada bakat tak...buat ayat-ayat cinta nieh..haha..
rasa ingin mencintai seseorang je..
ops!! hehe..


HUDA said...

wow~ pandainye berpuisi ;)

Colourful life said...

CL sekadar meluah kan rasa dijiwa..^_6

mahira oya said...

cl bermadah la plak..
ok ape..oya suke quotes lagi2 cintan cintuni ni..

ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

chewah makna mendalam hehe

Colourful life said...

~>mahira oya

tapi x taw la bi CL tu betul ke tak..
x pandai bi..tapi belasah ja..

najihah sahami said...

if all this jst happened to u..b strong..hee~